Friday, March 4, 2011

Happy Beginnings

Circle Tail's Happy Beginnings is a celebration of adoption success stories, and a testament to the wonderful ways rescue dogs can enrich our lives.

Each week, we will shine the spotlight on one of these dogs, and share his or her personal success story. Our inaugural Happy Beginning is Lenny, a superstar who is sure to get our series off on the right paw.

Before he came to Circle Tail, Lenny spent his life tied to a tree. It was a rough start, and he had the rough, unkempt look to prove it.

It's clear from Lenny's expression that he was a timid and scared little guy, and who can blame him?

Once Lenny found himself in the safe and friendly world of Circle Tail, things started to improve. The wonderful Circle Tail groomers worked their magic, and brought out the handsome, playful boy hiding underneath Lenny's scruffy coat.

Happy to strut his stuff, Lenny was soon adopted, and found a home beyond his wildest dreams. He has two canine sisters, Maggie and Sadie, and he gets to go to doggy daycare with them and play to his heart's content. He is also a huge fan of playing Frisbee.

Lenny has come a long way since his lonely days spent tied to a tree. Now, he is living large and loving life, and he has the smile to prove it!

Way to go, Lenny!


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