Friday, August 12, 2011

Retired Assistance Dogs

As Assistance Dog Week comes to an end, we are shining one final spotlight, this time on some of Circle Tail's most special dogs, the retired assistance dogs. These guys and girls have worked hard to change the lives of their partners, and they deserve nothing but the best in retirement.

Here are a few of the Circle Tail dogs who entered retirement after a lifetime of service, and a job well done.

First up, Chester, shown here hitting the button to open an elevator door.

And taking a nap.

Up next, hearing dog Sydney, wearing her service vest while hiking in Utah.

And hanging out on the couch with her bunny.

And, last but not least, Jesse, who was Circle Tail's second retiree.

Jesse was trained as a seizure response dog and, among his other skills, he was trained to pull an alert card out of his partner Greg's pocket when Greg was having a seizure. Jesse would then give the card to anyone he could find in order to get help for Greg.

To read more about these special dogs, click here.

In addition, Angie, the former partner of Sydney, set up a retirement fund in Syd's honor. This fund helps to cover the veterinary care of Circle Tail's retired assistance dogs. If you would like to make a donation to this fund, click here.

This ends our special Assistance Dog Week coverage. Visit the Circle Tail Assistance Dog Program page to learn all about the program, and to meet more working dogs and students. The Circle Tail dogs thank you for your interest!


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