Monday, August 8, 2011

International Assistance Dog Week

It's International Assistance Dog Week, and we are celebrating by shining the spotlight on a few of the fabulous Circle Tail assistance dogs.

First up, Coda, a beautiful golden retriever who has been partnered with Marlene since 2006.

Coda works hard to help Marlene around the house and, as you can see from this photo, has a special talent for laundry!

Up next, Pierre.

This handsome yellow lab was partnered with Barb in 2009, and he does double duty as both a service dog and a hearing dog. Barb states that Pierre is a great ambassador for assistance dogs, as his goofy smile has made him a popular guy wherever he goes. Way to go, Pierre!

Finally, in our last spotlight for today, Yen.

Yen the border collie was donated to Circle Tail from the Humane Society of Clark County, and he is certainly a great example of a rags to riches tale. This former shelter dog now helps his partner Angela with anxiety issues and panic attacks, and Angela calls him an "amazing gift." It's pretty clear from his big smile that he loves both his work, and his life with Angela!

These are just three of the extraordinary assistance dogs that once called Circle Tail home. Check back all week as we continue to celebrate International Assistance Dog Week, and let some other assistance dogs, including those in training, strut their stuff!


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