Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Happy Beginnings: Mauser

Mauser's mom writes that he is a real comedian, and loves to make people laugh. He "tickles" necks with his beard, and loves the laughter he gets in response. He is also quite a "talker," and always tries to sweet talk his way out of mischief, something he gets into quite a bit. Mauser's family is thrilled with how much laughter Mauser has brought to their home.

In addition to his human family, Mauser has a canine sister named Fleagle. He adores Fleagle, and loves snuggling with her and giving her kisses every morning. He is a love bug!

As Mauser's mom writes, "We love him so much and can hardly imagine how we ever lived without him.... We thank you so much for bringing this wonderful dog into our lives."

Visit Circle Tail's Dogs for Adoption page to find your own canine comedian and new best friend!


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