Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Tweet a Circle Tail Pet Tuesday

The wonderful people at Petfinder created TweetaPetTues on Twitter in order to help spread the word about rescue animals in need of homes. The idea is very simple, as all any rescue group needs to do is add the hashtag #tweetapettues to their tweets every Tuesday, and their animals can then be seen by anyone searching for this hashtag. It goes without saying that the more an animal is seen, the better chance he or she has of finding a forever home.

We have an adorable group of puppies who were born here at Circle Tail on December 8, 2010. Their mom, a rescue, is a German Shepherd Dog mix. Dad, who is apparently a love 'em and leave 'em type, is unknown. So these pups are a cute-as-a-button mix of who knows what, and they're all ready and waiting for their new homes.

There's Camille:




And Lil Dude:


And five other equally precious dolls named Mercedes, Miranda, Rocque, Sparks, and Snoop Dog. (no, not that one :D)

To see the whole gang, along with the rest of Circle Tail's adoptable dogs, visit our page here: Dogs for Adoption

And if you're on Twitter, remember to check on Circle Tail's dogs on Tuesday, or any other day, and help spread the word!


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